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Brubox starter kit - Irish Extra Stout

Never before has home beer-making been so easy, tasty and problem free. With The BruBox there is no mess, no smell and, due to the entirely closed production method, virtually no chance of infection.

There are three variants in the BruBox range; London Bitter, Irish Extra Stout and Bavarian Pilsner, each producing 10 litres of fantastic quality beer.

Each kit consists of the finest quality brewing grade malt extract, genuine top or bottom fermenting yeast and our revolutionary new BruBag system which, for the first time, enables fresh hops and grains to be used to enhance the flavour without any messy straining.

As the BruBox is not a single use product you will soon be ready for another brew. This time, instead of just the four original kits, you will have the choice of SEVENTEEN QUALITY BEERS covering all of the worlds major styles (and some of the minor ones). With Brupaks innovative Beers of the World you will make the best quality beers ever from a beer

The sixteen types include -

London Bitter, Yorkshire Bitter, Black Country Mild, Old London Porter, Irish Extra Stout, Scottish 80 Shilling, Bavarian Pilsner, North German Pilsner, Munich Dark Lager (Munchener Dunkel), Dusseldorf Alt, Bavarian Wheat Beer (Weissbier), Belgian Trappist Ale Tripel, Belgian Trappist Ale Dubbel, Belgian Witbier, Czech Pilsner, and San Francisco Steam Beer.

5 ( 5 / 5 )
The brew box does what it says on the box very happy with my purchase the stout will be ready this Thursday so i can't wait it was so easy to set up i would recommend it to anyone
5 ( 5 / 5 )
I would recommend The Brubox starter kit - Irish Extra Stout to anyone, It tastes just as good or better than store bought Irish Stout's. The instructions are simple and clear.I am planning on trying every beer kit in the Brubox range. My next purchase will more than likely be Scottish 80 Shilling.......That reminds me I better get to the store shop and order some before it sells out....
5 ( 5 / 5 )
This was the first time I'd ever done homebrewing and it was incredibly easy, so good that I'm going to upsize and get a 5 gallon fermenter. This kit includes yeast, hops and grains which seems to be a good thing judging from brewers on forums. It hasn't finished yet but a sneaky taste at the end of the primary fermentation was very promising!

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