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Bulldog Homebrew Beer Kits


Bulldog Homebrew beer KitsUntil very recently all beer kits came in either 1.5kg, 1.8kg, or 2 x 1.5kg tin cans, and it was the amount of malt that determined the quality of the beer kit (and price). But these cans posed a problem - not all beer types require 3kg of malt extract, some needed more, and some less, but cans need to be full, and so we had to put up with what we were given. Well, no more. As worldwide tin prices have increased manufacturers have developed new ways to bring us new kits at better prices. And one of the first companies to do this was Hambleton Bard with their new 4kg Bulldog homebrew beer kit range in pouches.

These pouches are a great new development as each beer kit can have the exact amount of malt needed for that style of beer. Also getting the malt ouf of the container is easier - just toothpaste tube it out.

As for the beer kits, well there are 6 styles in the range and they have the following characterisitics -


Hammer of Thor Lager Saaz / Hallertau hops 6.0% Alcohol
Rajas reward India Pale Ale Golding / Fuggles hops 4.8% Alcohol
Cortez Gold Mexican Cerveza Saaz / Cascade hops 4.3% Alcohol
Pennine Peak Yorkshire Bitte Goldings / Fuggles hops 4.7% Alcohol
Triple Tykes Special Export Ale Target / Goldings hops 5.4% Alcohol
Cobnar Wood Northern Brown Ale Fuggles hops 4.8% Alcohol











As well as the 4kg pouch of malt selected especially for the style of the beer kit there is also a sachet of beer yeast (also specially selected for the beer style), and a sachet of hops. The yeasts are proper varietal beer yeasts rather than the generic old home brew yeasts that make the same old dull beers. Bulldog Homebrew beer kits include amazing yeasts such as warm fermenting lager yeasts, and they have double the amount of yeast found in other beer kits. The hops are also included as an extra and are contained in a teabag that is seeped in boiling water for around 10 minutes. The hop water is then added to the brew on day 4 of fermentation.  If added just before bottling the hop aroma is even more intense.


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