Sparkling Elderflower Wine Starter safety kit - 1 gallon - Elderflower Champagne

Sparkling Elderflower Wine Starter safety kit - 1 gallon from
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Sparkling Elderflower Wine Starter safety kit - 1 gallon

Sparkling Elderflower Wine is one of those fantastic english traditional drinks that really mark the start of summer. But some people worry about exploding bottles and never risk having a go.

Well, we at Goodlife Homebrew we have created the 1 gallon safety kit with plastic bottles instead of glass - no more home made hand grenades!

This kit consists of -

2 x 5 litre bins
Straining bag
2 meters of syphon tube
5 x 1 litre PET pressure bottles
Hydrometer and jar
50g citric acid
50 x campden tablets
Sparkling wine yeast
Recipe sheet and instruction booklet

Next year all you will need is yeast and a gaggle of willing helpers.

Sparkling Elderflower Wine - a little taste of England.

5 ( 5 / 5 )
After seeing them make Elder Flower champagne for a wedding on Suprscrimpers I committed to having a go. Travelling every day I kept a look out for Elder flowers and there is an abundance in the area. The kit arrived quickly and within 3 days it was brewed and bottled. I do worry about exploding bottles but as these are plastic you can check everyday and reduce the pressure if necessary. Can't wait until next weekend to drink. Something to look forward to every year from now on.

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