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Pure Copper still 5 liters

This premium Copper Garden still with column is extremely versatile. It is definitely a top-of-the-line still and suitable for almost all types of distillation. Alcohol, essential oils, distilled water, or alternative fuels - this still can be used for all purposes.
This model allows you to choose whether to distil with or without the column. The still consists of the approx. 5 liter capacity, expertly welded (hard soldered) boiler and the top-mounted column which can be turned sideways (approx. 2 liters volume and integrated sieve), the head, the two-part screwable lyne arm and swan neck, and the adequately sized condenser with water intake and drain.
A wonderful still for essential oils, as well as for various alcohol distillation.
Examples for use:

If you fill fermented pomace into the column and water into the boiler you can obtain an excellent grappa.
Or fill the boiler with water and column with plant material of your choice – this gentle steam distillation yields aroma oil.
Another possibility is to ferment with turbo yeast and fill the mash into the boiler. If you then fill the column with stainless steel pellets or glass beads, you can increase the vapour resistance at will and rectify - thus obtaining high-proof tasteless alcohol.
If you fill the alcohol into the boiler again and the column with, for example, raspberries you can obtain an excellent raspberry-flavored spirit.
Thousands of possibilities - whatever you are in the mood for!

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