WineXpert - Italian Pinot Grigio - Wine making kit

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WineXpert - Italian Pinot Grigio - Wine making kit


Made in just 6 weeks
10 litres of quality grape juice
Makes 30 bottles (23 litres)
Bottle labels sold separately

Light floral and tropical fruit aromas with notes of juicy strawberry and rhubarb. Off-dry, crisp, and ready for summer sipping.

Alcohol: 12% when made following the Winexpert winemaking instructions.
Sweetness: 1 / 10
Body: 2 / 5
Oak: 0 / 3


Looking for a premium wine with exceptional body, flavour and aroma? Winexpert Reserve the world’s most sought after grape growing countries.

Join the celebration and experience the satisfaction of crafting outstanding premium wines with wow factor - from a supple, buttery Chardonnay to a confident, full bodied Cabernet Sauvignon - the world is at your doorstep.

From this box to your bottle in just 6 weeks.

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