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Alcotec Super Turbo Yeast Triple Still

Fermenting your wash for home distillation of moonshine has taken yet another step forward. It is now possible to ferment near-Vodka quality (low alchohol) for home distillation (ideally with a reflux still) of hyper pure Vodka.

The new breakthrough in moonshine fermentation technology came when we managed to add activated carbon in liquid form to a fermenting wash. It is not as easy as it sounds - if you just go ahead and add carbon, you will very likely disturb the fermentation to a point where it will no longer work well, resulting in low alcohol of poor quality.

With our new recipe - based on years of researching new trace minerals in combination with exotic yeast strains - it is now possible to include activated carbon during fermentation and achieve a new degree of purity.

25 litres of 14% alcohol in 9 days
Mix hot and cold water to a liquid temperature of 30 C in a sterilized fermenter (capable of holding minimum 27 litres). Adjust volume to exactly 21 litres.
Add either 7 kgs of Brewing Sugar (Dextrose Mononydrate) or 6 kgs of normal white granulated sugar and mix well until liquid is completely clear.
Add contents of both sachets (yeast/nutrient and activated carbon) to the liquid. NOTE: shake the carbon sachet before opening to make sure there are no lumps, especially near the edges of the sachet.
Leave to ferment at room temperature (18 C - 24 C) for 7 days (until no more activity - can take 1-2 days extra if cool room temp).

NOTE: If ambient temperature is above 24 C your fermentation will stick prematurely.
NOTE: Always consider the risk of leaks, frothing etc when choosing where to place fermenter.
Add a good fining agent (Alcotec Turbo Klar or similar) and leave to clear for 2 days (the wash does not have to be completely clear for distilling) or longer if you plan to use it without distilling.
NOTE: It is important to use turbo clear, otherwise unwanted substances absorbed during fermentation will be released again during boiling.
Siphon off, and your wash is ready for distilling or other use.

Stacking: Fermenting Larger volumes (over 25 ltrs) Can be done, but only to a very limited extent. For stacking we recommend the

5 ( 5 / 5 )
Very good alcohol quality produced by this yeast, slow fermenting but well worth the wait. Once distilled and carbon filtered it is brilliant for whiskey production an other liquors. Thumbs up all round!!

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