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Antiformin S - 1000ml


Antiformin S is probably the most universally used and effective branded detergent steriliser in the brewing industry. The product is uniquely formulated to give a stable, powerful combined cleaning and sterilising action that is readily rinsable.

Antiformin S is a clear straw coloured liquid with a faint odour of chlorine. It is a stable alkaline solution with not less than 5% w/v available chlorine. Antiformin S is compatible with most plastics and all metals EXCEPT ALUMINIUM AND ZINC!

Method of Use
Antiformin S is specially formulated concentrate for cleaning and sterilising stainless steel, copper and plastic installations within the brewery. It is equally suited to spray cleaning, re-circulation or manual application.

The normal rate of use is 1 - 2% in cold solution but this may vary depending on the application and the degree of soiling.

Mash Tun, Boiling Copper, Hop Filter
Antiformin may be used in this area for an occasional brightening clean at 1% concentration. However, since the main soiling agents are protein, dextrin gums, cellulose, hemicellulose, mucilage, pectin and tannin and a sterilising agent is not required, hot Edsol solution is more appropriate for regular routine cleaning.

Paraflow Wort Coolers
Circulation with a 2% solution will in most circumstances produce the necessary cleaning and sterilising action. In the case of heavy scale build up, usually occurring in hard water areas, an acid descaling clean may be necessary.

Collection Vessels, F.V.s, Yeast Plant, Conditioning/Lagering Tanks, Chillers, Wort Mains and Pipes
Effective cleaning and sterilisation will be achieved using either C.I.P. procedures or circulation, with a 1 - 2% solution of Antiformin. It should be noted that some older tank linings can react with Antiformin to produce a phenolic taint. The importance of thorough cold water rinsing after cleaning with Antiformin cannot be over-emphasised.

Bottle Washing
A 1 - 2% solution of Antiformin S will provide effective cleaning and rapid destruction of micro-organisms, whilst mineral salt precipitations on bottles and washer parts and deposition in jets will be avoided.

Soak Baths
Rubber hoses and fittings may be cleaned and sterilised by immersion in 1% Antiformin S for 1 - 2 hours. They should then be rinsed with clean water and if possible hung up to drain dry.

A 5% solution of Antiformin S may be used to scrub down walls, floors etc., to remove and inhibit growth of mould, algae and yeast. Spent solutions, from whatever use, are ideal for cleaning drains and gulleys. Decisions regarding the frequency of such cleaning and the volumes of Antiformin S used should be taken with consideration for the regulations of the local Water Authority.
When used with stainless steel vessels we recommend that the strength of the solution used be not greater than 2.5%. Prolonged soaking is unnecessary and undesirable. After cleaning the plant and equipment should be thoroughly rinsed with clean cold water.

Store under cool, dry conditions in tightly sealed containers and away from direct sunlight. Do not store with incompatible materials such as acids, since such a mixture would release chlorine, a toxic gas. See the Health and Safety Data Sheet for further information.

Antiformin S is non-poisonous but because of its causticity must not be ingested.

Keep out of the reach of children.

Do not mix with acids, ammonia or ammonium compounds.

Do not use in concentrated form, always dilute with water.

When diluted and used in accordance with the instructions Antiformin S presents no special hazard and is non-flammable.

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