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Brewers Choice Traditional IPA

There are two reasons for calling this fantastic and imaginative range Brewers Choice. Firstly they contain the choicest ingredients first grade spray dried malt extract, fresh hops, top quality grains and genuine brewing yeast and secondly the brewer is given three choices of ingredients to complete the kits.
Choice 1 Sugar 1kg (for best results use Brewing Sugar). This will produce a light-bodied beer with a pronounced hop character. O.G. 1.048 -1.050
Choice 2 Spray Dried Malt Extract 1kg Extra Light. This will produce a beer with more body and a maltier profile; hops are still in evidence though. O.G. 1.048 -1.050
Choice 3 Brupaks Premium Grade Malt Extract 1.5kg Pale. This method produces a truly commercial quality beer with a fuller body and a higher alcohol content. O.G. 1.052 -1.054
A well-hopped pale ale in the style shipped to India in the 19th century.
Makes 5 Gallons

Beer Kit Types
Amount of Malt ( flavour ) Spray malt
Pints Produced 40
Sugar Needed Yes
4 ( 4 / 5 )
I followed option 3 of the brewing instruction by adding 1.5kg of LME (purchased from a health food shop) and matured under airlock for two weeks post primary fermentation. It tasted a little too sweet immediately prior to bottling, but following secordary fermentation and having been left for three weeks in the bottle the beer seemed well balanced, with the hops really coming through. I would purchase this kit again.

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