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Craftsman Ingredient Pack - Porter

The Craftsman series contains all of the adjuncts (malted and unmalted grains, coriander, curacao orange peel, etc), hops, and yeast to make fantastic beers. These kits are the closest you will get to doing a full mash, but without the hassle of extended boiling and cooling. They provide a useful stepping stone between hopped malt extract kits and full mash beers.

The real ingredients make a beer that is both fresh and lively.

Detailed brewing instructions included.

This kit requires an additional 3kg of pale malt extract. No extra sugar is required.

Makes 23 litres.
Barley Wine ABV 7.5%
German Pilsner ABV 4.0%
Irish Stout ABV 4.0%
London Bitter ABV 4.0%
Mild Ale ABV 4.0%
Old Ale ABV 4.0%
Porter ABV 4.0%
Yorkshire Bitter ABV 4.0%

Beer Kit Types
Amount of Malt ( flavour ) 3 kg
Pints Produced 40
Sugar Needed 3 kg Malt Extract
5 ( 5 / 5 )
I wrote a really long review but I took too long and it ate it! Long and short, this is really easy to make. A good start to making something real (i.e. not out of a tin) but without spending hundreds on kit. I used 2 x 1.5kg coopers pale LME. Absolutely excellent. Make sure you keep the brew temperature below 21c if you can (although i made a pigs ear and left it for 2 weeks at 25c by mistake - the heater was still set from making wine). It turned out perfectly and was a lovely dark ruby colour with a creamy head.

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