Syphoning Beer

Syphoning Beer
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Bottle Filling StickA rigid length of plastic pipe that is attached to the end of your syphon tune. ..
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A single plunge of the inner tube starts the syphon action. No need to suck - some people would find..
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A rigid plastic pipe fitted with a cup at its base. When the pipe is pushed to the bottom of the fer..
Syphon pinch valveA very handy little device. Simply pass your syphon tube through the holes at eith..
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A small syphon tap that fits all of the tubing sizes we sell. Ideal for stopping flow whilst moving ..
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Food grade PVC tubing with 1/16 wall thickness. The smallest amount we deliver is 2 meters. If you o..
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An extendable syphon tune (up to 65cm) for use with containers of a variety of sizes. Comes compl..
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Connects different sizes of tubing...