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Burton Bridge Brewery takes its name from the Burton Bridge over the river Trent at Burton-on-Trent,..
Yorkshire Bitter - Typical of the smooth, easy-drinking beers of the Yorkshire region of North East ..
A light, refreshing, thirst-quenching beer popularised in warm climates. This is the lightest beer i..
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A beer kit developed in the style of the original Coopers Pale Ale, which is considered an Australia..
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A pale straw coloured beer with a bold, spicy Saaz hop aroma. Crisp and dry with cleansing bitternes..
The master brewers at Coopers have developed this distinctly Canadian style beer using the finest 2-..
Mexico is well known for its arid lands, dusty conditions and oppresive heat. So its not surprising ..
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Coopers European Lager captures the style of the finest quality lagers exported from Northern Europe..
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This kit is a part of the Coopers international series. In the 19th century the English adopted B..
Lager Home Brew Concentrate (1.7kg) Straw colour with golden hues and a lacy white head. Light flor..
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Deep golden-copper colour with a creamy white head. Overt fruit and malt aromas, a full bodied palat..
The Craftsman series contains all of the adjuncts (malted and unmalted grains, coriander, curacao or..
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