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This new 4.5% beer is made to mimic traditional English Strong Ale, and was initially launched to ce..
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Nelsons Revenge is a delicious, full flavoured premium bitter specially developed by Woodfordes Brew..
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Woodfordes Norfolk Nog --21%
Norfolk Nog is a dark, full bodied, red brown beer with plenty of flavour and aroma. Roasted malt co..
£19.82 £23.99
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Named after the unique sailing barges which were once common on the Norfolk waterways, Woodfordes Wh..
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Potential Alcohol = 5.4% One of the oldest Stout kits around. Must be good to have survived the 80s..
Potential Alcohol = 5.4% One of the oldest Yorkshire Bitter kits around. Must be good to have survi..
Easter Brew Chocolate Stout is a new addition to the Bulldog Brews super quality range of beer makin..
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Wonderful floral and citrus hop notes sing on the palate, balanced by a warm, sweet malt finish. ..
A strong, vibrant ale, double fermented using a true Belgian ‘Saison' yeast to really develop the in..
A rich and mellow ale with a wonderful 'oaked' character to recreate the taste of ales stored and se..
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Is made using the finest UK malt and hops allowing the home brewer to recreate this brewery style be..
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A fantastic Cinnamon and Ginger beer just right for Christmas. The cinnamon and ginger flavours are ..