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S30 Cylinder Refill

**** REFILL PRICE ****

The basic CO2 cylinder that is suitable for most barrels with a suitable valve (fitted to most kegs as standard).

Simply screw the cylinder down onto the valve to start the gas flowing and back it off again to stop.
The gas should be added to the keg in short bursts of 1 second to stop the cylinder freezing in the open position. Running the end of the cylinder under hot water prior to use will also help to prevent this.

These cylinders are the most economical way of adding CO2 to your beer.

**** This is the refill price and requires you to send us your empty cylinder ****
**** We reserve the right to reject cylinders that are not suitable for refilling. ****
**** If you want it returned you must pay the return postage ****

5 ( 5 / 5 )
Very quick turnround once you get the hang of what to do.

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