Hawthorn Gin

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Well, we have all heard of sloe gin, and many have tried rhubarb gin, but hawthorn gin?  Really!

These amazing little red berries are ready to pick in October / November, ideally after the first frost, and it is so easy to make.

  1. First, go to any reputable web site, such as this one, and make sure you know what a hawthorn is.  IT MUST BE A TREE with a woody stem and not a climbing herb. 
  2. Make sure you know what the berries look like by visiting a web site such as this.
  3. Once you are clear on what a hawthorn is collect a few pints of berries, wash them and cut off any stalks.
  4. The ideal container for hawthorn gin is a 500ml Kilner jar or similar.  It must seal in an airtight fashion and have a wide neck.
  5. Pack about 3cm of berries into your chosen vessel, and then add about 50 grams of white or brown sugar. 
  6. Add a little gin until the berries are just covered.  They might float so be carelfull.  Repeat these last two steps until the jar is full.
  7. Close the lid and shake to remove any air bubbles.
  8. Top up with gin, seal and store in a dark place for 4-6 weeks.
  9. It is important not to let the berries seep for too long as they will start to break up and make the liqueur cloudy.
  10. After 4-6 weeks the liqueur will have wonderfull auburn colour.  At this point it should be strained though a muslin cloth (or similar) into a clean jar suitable for serving from, such as the gin bottle you purchased to make this treat.
  11. Chuck the haws away and enjoy the rewards of your work.    Just in time for Christmas methinks!!!
  12. Ho, Ho, Homebrew!

Is it any good? Well folks say it is better than sloe gin (fighting talk in my household).

Enjoy, and let us know how you got on.

p.s. we sell a little device that might just help with collecting hawthorn berries.  This link should take you to the page.

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