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BOTW - Munich Dark Lager (Munchener Dunkel)

Before the invention of pale beers in Pilsen in 1842, the dark lagers of Munich and Vienna were the moist favoured beers in Central Europe. All Munich breweries still produce a Dunkel, and now so can you. The inclusion of two genuine Bavarian caramel malts gives this beer a deliciously malty flavour and the genuine bottom fermenting yeast its clean palate. Ferment and dispense as Bavarian Pilsner.

Makes 10 litres.

Beer Kit Types
Amount of Malt ( flavour ) 1.5 kg
Pints Produced 20
Sugar Needed Yes
5 ( 5 / 5 )
After 7 months i tried another couple of bottles and have to say it has turned out fantastic! great head all the way down in the glass and fantastic colour, not cloudy at all, true what they say, the best things come to those who wait.
5 ( 5 / 5 )
tried this for the first time and it was really good. I thought it would be a disaster as fermentation looked like it had not started but after about 3 days it took off really quick. Its a good colour,plenty of bubbles and tasted fine when i was bottling it. Early impressions are good and would buy it again.

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