Chemipro SAN - Starsan alternative - 100ml

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Chemipro SAN - Starsan alternative - 100ml

Star San no rinse steriliser for use in the preparation of food and drink is no longer available in Europe. This new product, Chemipro SAN, is a direct replacement.
A high-foaming, acidic, anionic rinse for use in the food and drink industries.
Equipment should be visually clean prior to use.
Use 15-25 ml of Chemipro San per 10 litres of water, and apply to the surface with a cloth, mop, sponge, or by immersion. Spraying is also possible - keep the spray 15-20 cm from the surface to be sterilised.
The surface must remain wetted for at least 1 minute for maximum effect. Cleaned surfaces should be left to dry before use.
Pack size - 236ml

WARNING: Do not mix with other chlorine based cleaners such as bleach, as chlorine gas will be released.

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