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Natural lamb rennet Bioren 100ml bottle

Natural lamb rennet, liquid 100 ml

SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE - as this product tends to un-mix during storage it is necessary to shake well before each use to guarantee the ideal and unique mixture of enzymes.

BIOREN Liquid Rennet Paste Semi Piccante is especially used for strongly flavoured cheeses where sheep lipase is wanted for the development of the typical ripening flavours. But also mixtures of milk or pure cows-milk will be very suitable in combination with BIOREN Liquid Rennet Paste Semi Piccante to produce extraordinary cheeses.

The dosage quantity is determined by the quantity of milk, the required process parameters (pH, temperature, required coagulation time) and enzyme concentration.

The standard dosage quantity varies between 15 to 30g per 100 litres of milk – depending on the individual cheese type.

BIOREN Liquid Rennet Paste semi Piccante should be stirred into 10 to 20 times of the amount of chlorine free cold water and then be added to the milk. Because of its natural pureness BIOREN Liquid Rennet PasteSemi Piccante does not need to be filtered and can therefore be directly added to the milk.

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