Syphoning Beer

Syphoning Beer
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Bottle Filling StickA rigid length of plastic pipe that is attached to the end of your syphon tune. ..
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A single plunge of the inner tube starts the syphon action. No need to suck - some people would find..
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A rigid plastic pipe fitted with a cup at its base. When the pipe is pushed to the bottom of the fer..
Attaches to the side of a bin, fermenter or carboy and securely holds the tube in place. Ideal for w..
Based on 6 reviews.
Syphon pinch valveA very handy little device. Simply pass your syphon tube through the holes at eith..
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A small syphon tap that fits all of the tubing sizes we sell. Ideal for stopping flow whilst moving ..
Based on 4 reviews.
Food grade PVC tubing with 1/16 wall thickness. The smallest amount we deliver is 2 meters. If you o..
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An extendable syphon tune (up to 65cm) for use with containers of a variety of sizes. Comes compl..
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Connects different sizes of tubing...