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Mad Millie Coconut Yoghurt kit

Make coconut yoghurt that is bursting with a delicious coconut flavour coupled with tangy beneficial live cultures. Each spoonful will send you off on a relaxing journey to the tropics. Great to use on your morning muesli, smoothie, or whatever you need a moment into paradise.

This kit makes up to 8 litres of coconut yoghurt - original or chocolate, and also includes recipes on how to use your coconut yoghurt, such as Chia seed pudding, and a recipe for coconut yoghurt smoothie.
Coconut yoghurt contains three active bacteria strains, no artificial flavours or preservatives. It is a perfect kit for beginners and those who love to make food from scratch.

Kit contains:
1 litre glass jar
Thickener (made from organic tapioca, organic guar, and GMO free maltodextrin).

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