Mangrove Jacks Starter Brewery Kit

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Mangrove Jacks Starter Brewery Kit

Containing the equipment and ingredients needed to start brewing at home, the Starter Brewery Kit is an affordable, quality gift your customers can pick up and introduce another enthusiast to the hobby! 
The Starter Brewery Kit Contains:
• 30L Fermenter and tap
• Stick-on Thermometer Strip
• Bubbler Airlock
• Hydrometer
• Bottling Wand
• Brewers Spoon
• Mangrove Jack's Sanitiser 100 g
• Bottle Brush
• Capper and Caps
• 1.2 kg Mangrove Jack's Pure Liquid Malt Extract
• Mangrove Jack's Carbonation Drops
• Starter Brewery Manual
Customers or giftees just need to pick their favourite Mangrove Jack's beer kit, and they're ready to start brewing with the Starter Brewery Kit!

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