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Belvino South African Red

South African Red

Belvino 7 day wine kits are based on dried fruit, herbs, and berries. The kits are extremely fast fermenting and clearing
Easy to make - just add sugar and water.

These kits are a good introduction to country wine making as you will use dried fruit in your fermenter. You could even try experimenting with the recipe by adding more or less of the dried fruit, or even adding a few extra ingredients!

Each kit contains all ingredients required, full instructions, and makes a full 30 bottles.

Wine Kit Types
Bottles 30
Grape Variety (Style) South African Red
Sugar Needed Yes
Type Red
5 ( 5 / 5 )
Easy to make, comes with a huge bag of dried Fruit, you can see all the berries and other fruits in there, clears well, but more of a rose than a true red. I gave a sample to a friend who\'s a bit of an expert and he said, Not bad for a dried fruit homebrew, & he could clearly tatse the berries etc in it. Overall- very good results. I am about to order more from the as always brilliant GOODLIFE HOMEBREW CENTRE.

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