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Sparkling Wines
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Helps in installing Champagne wires. Connect and twist. Easy on the fingers...
Without a cage to hold it down, most (if not all corks) would leave a champagne bottle at high speed..
Top quality crown caps suitable for champagne bottles. Removal of sediment will be easier when used ..
This durable hand capper has a magnetic capper head and self stopping crimper cup. The 26mm (standar..
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EC-1118Saccharomyces bayanusOriginThe EC-1118 strain was isolated, studied and selected from Champag..
Making Sparkling Wines Sparkling wines, or champagnes, have a charm and attraction all their own: th..
As found in so many off the shelf sparkling products. Can be used several times. Comes in a pack of ..
Special small bungs that fit UNDER crown corks of 29 mm. Used for collecting the yeast during the re..