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An ideal mixture to increase in a well balanced way the acidity of juices / wines. Contains citric, ..
Used to prevent the oxidation of juices, musts, wines and beers. Dose: 0.5 g / 10 l juice or wine. T..
Oval butter mould 250 g. with handle. White beech wood with carved design in the background. ..
Citric Acid occurs naturally in most fruits and is the most popular single acid. It is simple to use..
Dried peel from the skin of the Curacao orange. This adjunct is especially suitable for Belgium Witb..
Elderflowers are often used with oak leaf wine to create a fantastic white wine. They can add a wond..
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Juniper Berries - 50gIdeal for flavouring beers or creating your own gin !..
Malic acid is the primary acid of fruits such as: apples, peaches, plums, cherries and is present in..
A blend of seaweed extracts and acidity adjusters. Gives good coagulation of unstable proteins enabl..
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An essential Ingreadient for elderflower champagneTartaric acid may be most immediately recognizable..
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Waxed circles discs - bag of 200 to fit the 450g (1lb) preserving jars..
Tannin is that component of wine that adds astringency. It is one of the four ingredients that must ..
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