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The perfect substitute for any recipe calling for the addition of sugar. It is virtually flavourless..
Golden Promise, an early-maturing spring barley, is the Scottish equivalent of Maris Otter. Though b..
Oats are extremely difficult to malt and to crush efficiently but their contribution to the flavour ..
Pale Malt is the main ingredient of English Pale Ales and Bitters, but a high proportion is used in ..
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Maris Otter is a 2-row, winter variety of barley commonly used in the production of malt for the bre..
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Malt flavour is defined by melanoidins, compounds formed by non enzymatic browning of malt sugars an..
Mild Ale Malt is made using slightly higher nitrogen than pale malt, mild has good diastatic activit..
As the name suggests, this malt is used to brew the famous rich, sweet beers associated with Munich...
A superb addition to any Stout, Porter or Brown Ale. Dark Spraymalt will improve the body, adding ex..
A superb addition to any Stout, Porter or Brown Ale. Extra Dark Spraymalt will improve the body, add..
Great for all beer styles. Adds extra body and richness. Especially useful when brewing American Sty..
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Adds extra hops as well as more malt. Perfect as a general kit improver - specially designed to reta..
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