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A fantastic glass tube that is approximately 10 inches long, open at one end and pointed at the othe..
Wine Thief - push it into the wine, put your finger over the hole at the end a draw out a sample for..
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This new 4.5% beer is made to mimic traditional English Strong Ale, and was initially launched to ce..
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Aptly named, Woodfordes Headcracker is a pale, smooth yet deceptively strong barley wine. Its sweetn..
Nelsons Revenge is a delicious, full flavoured premium bitter specially developed by Woodfordes Brew..
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Woodfordes Norfolk Nog -0%
Norfolk Nog is a dark, full bodied, red brown beer with plenty of flavour and aroma. Roasted malt co..
£23.99 £23.99
Based on 7 reviews.
Named after the unique sailing barges which were once common on the Norfolk waterways, Woodfordes Wh..
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A carefully formulated blend of soluble inorganic salts, vitamins, amino acids, and trace elements t..
Potential Alcohol = 5.4% One of the oldest Stout kits around. Must be good to have survived the 80s..
Potential Alcohol = 5.4% One of the oldest Yorkshire Bitter kits around. Must be good to have survi..
Lager malt is the British version of Pilsner malt. It is kilned at slightly higher temperatures, fro..
BLACK MOOR STOUT is a dark ale in the traditional Irish style. It has a strong, roasted barley flavo..

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