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One of the original kits, so it must be great tasting to have survived this long. Normally ready to..
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A set of 12 covers with 3 each of 4 colours plus 12 clear elastic bands...
Butlers Ginger wine is a dessert wine of approximately 18% alcohol by volume (abv). It has been desi..
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Countrymans Garden Red Ginger Liqueur is a blend of carefully selected dried ginger and other botani..
This book is the pocket sized edition of Richard Matbes classic, and is the ultimate companion to..
Countrymans Garden Ginger liqueur is a blend of carefully selected herbs and spices assembled to ..
Preserve sealing and labelling set.For 1lb pots contains 10 x red and 10 x blue patterned covers and..
No more sore fingers collecting free fruits of the hedgerow. Simply sweep the collector across the ..
A nylon bag suitable for both mashing and sparging.The bag has a base 32cm square and is 35cm deep. ..
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Tasting notes: Supple, elegant and addictive with distinct warmth of ginger and dryness of rhubarb. ..
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The Prohibition gin spirit kit makes 6 bottles of up to 22% alcohol, and only requires the addition ..
The Prohibition range of liqueur kits bring the luxury of liqueurs within everyones reach. Carefully..

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