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(Germany) Acid Malt is a very useful adjunct for producing high-class lagers. It contains lactic aci..
Aromatic malt provides a very strong malt flavour and aroma. Although not a roasted malt, it is kiln..
Probably the rarest malt of all. Rauchmalz is only produced in Bamberg, Germany and is used to brew ..
This roasted malt gives a sweet biscuity aroma to beer. Commonly used in Belgian beers.Colour 40 EBC..
Galette sawdust special blend.This special mixture of different species for mild smokes. Suitable fo..
There are two reasons for calling this fantastic and imaginative range Brewers Choice. Firstly they ..
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For use with the Easiyo Yogurt Maker this base makes 1kg of Probiotic Boysenberry Yogurt. It cont..
Oats are extremely difficult to malt and to crush efficiently but their contribution to the flavour ..
Malt flavour is defined by melanoidins, compounds formed by non enzymatic browning of malt sugars an..
Special B is produced in the same way as other Belgian caramel malts except that it undergoes a seco..
Judge Speciality, 30cm Maslin Pan, 8 Litre..

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