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This 5 piece preserving starter set contains the following items - 1 x 15cm colander1 x jam spoon1 x..
For ease of filling preserve jars.AluminiumThis product is dishwasher safe...
Butter Muslin - 90cm square. -Ideal for straining, steaming, preserving, and cheese maturing...
Cheese cloth - 1.6 square meters. Ideal for straining, basting poultry, steaming fish, preserving, s..
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This is a great little cherry stoner that is both simple and fast. Just one quick action is all tha..
Easy read jam thermometer suitable for jam, sugar and chips. The scale is from 50 to 200 degrees cel..
A square piece of Muslin suitable for jam, butter, and cheese making.Size = 46 cm x 46 cm..
A curved jam spoon ideal for sitting on the edge of your jam jar without falling in and getting all ..
Jam straining kit - spare bag..
A stand with folding legs and straining bag. The straining bags are available to be purchased separa..
Jam Straining Set complete with straining bag and stand...
Jam/Confectionery thermometer.Stainless steel case, glass tube, waterproof construction.Easy to read..