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Classic Mead Liqueur

The Drink of the Gods, mead has a long history. It may well be the oldest recorded fermented beverage. Mead figures prominently in the tales of Scandinavia and the Vikings. The Celts were drinking it in 500 A.D. There are indications that the Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Ethiopians, Scandinavians, Assyrian, Incas and Aztec used mead, both in festivals and as a religious drink. Honey, and by association, mead, have been attributed with such powers as that of an aphrodisiac, and it has been said in times gone by that it imbues the drinker with attributes such as life, wisdom, courage and strength. Enjoy Mead Liqueur (also known as Ambrosia)- a true descendant of the Drink of the Gods.

Classic Liquors have created an easy way for the home-brewer to produce the most delicious liqueurs in just three weeks.
This is not a little bottle of flavour that you add to Vodka or raw alcohol. Classic Liquors start with water, sugar and our kit. You produce your very own 40% Proof (20%) alcohol that you brew and clarify at home.

You will need, in addition to a kit from us, two one-gallon demijohns, a length of clear plastic syphon hose equipped with a clamp, an air-lock, water and sugar. Three weeks later, you will enjoy your own home-made liqueurs, such as
Amaretto, Mexican Coffee, Peach Schnapps and others depending on which variety you purchase.

Ten varieties are available to choose from.

Easy to follow directions guide you, each step of the way.

This kit was designed to be easy. Developed with the home-brewer in mind by a food scientist with twenty years of brewing experience, Classic Liquors combine the pleasure of home-brewing with a delicious and different taste experience.
Robust, rapid fermentation, resulting in complete conversion of sugar to alcohol. pH control for better fermentation and final quality develops a fruity 20% (40 Proof) base liquor which blends well with all types of flavors. Glucose solids are provided with the kit, to impart that smooth finish. Top quality flavors in generous quantities give a final product as close to the original as possible.

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