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Coopers Cerveza

Mexico is well known for its arid lands, dusty conditions and oppresive heat. So its not surprising that the people of Mexico are expert at quenching a thirst.

Coopers Mexican Cerveza emulates the style of the finest quality beers exported from Mexico. This premium beer is light in style with a fresh clean taste - ideally served ice-cold with a slice of lime or lemon.

Makes 40 pints

Beer Kit Types
Amount of Malt ( flavour )1.7 kg
Pints Produced40
Sugar NeededYes
4 ( 4 / 5 )
Pretty good - I took this one to a homebrew drinking 'event' that a few friends and I have every few months and it went down well. Many people commented on the similarity between this and Corona. As the description suggests, serve with a slice of lime and you've got yourself a winner.

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