High Alcohol Yeast

High Alcohol Yeast
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Home moonshine making has taken another step forward. With the new Alcotec 23% turbo pure, it is now..
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This super turbo yeast will produce 14% alcohol in just 24 hours from 6 kgs of table sugar...
This Alcotec Super Turbo Yeast is able to produce either 14% abv in 48 hours or 20% in 5 days using ..
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Fermenting your wash for home distillation of moonshine has taken yet another step forward. It is no..
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Ideal for pot stills (but works well with a reflux still too), with their lower capability of reduci..
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A breakthrough in turbo technology delivers triple distilled vodka quality alcohol allowing commerci..
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This is a single strain whiskey yeast that is capable of fermenting up to 12% alocohol abv in just 3..
This triple pack contains everything you need to make a 25 litre wash - with the exception of sugar...
Still Spirits Classic 8 Urea Turbo Yeast..
Still Spirits Distiller's Enzyme Alpha-amylase 12g For use in mashing of starch-based substrates,..
Still Spirits Distiller's Enzyme Glucoamylase 12g For use in mashing of starch-based substrates, ..
Still Spirits Distiller's Nutrient Dark Spirits 450g For fermentation of alcohol to make dark liq..