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The Home Distillers Handbook by Mathew Teacher

This all-in-one guide for hobbyists and adventurous experimenters is a definitive resource for creating infused spirits, cordials, cremes and making your very own whiskey blends at home. Includes amazing recipes from some of today s leading mixologists, a how-to guide for blending and infusing, a reference section, inspiring quotations and much more. Now we won t actually be making any alcohol from scratch (without a license it is illegal), but we are going to take store bought alcohol and introduce it to a whole new world. The collection of amazing infusions included in this book is sure to make your mouth water with anticipation and impress all your friends and family. Craft your own whiskey blend in small oak barrels and throw a party to celebrate its maturity! Print custom labels and give away (it is unlawful to sell) your own bourbon blend. The Home Distiller s Handbook is a compilation of all the information you need to know to get started and take you to pro mixologists.

Section 1: Introduction
Section 2: Infusions A. Infusion Introduction B. Making an Infusion C. High Alcohol Infusion Recipes D. Low Alcohol Infusions (introduction & recipes) E. Extra Infusion Sidebars
Section 3: Bourbon/Whiskey Blends A. Making a Whiskey Blend B. Extra Blending Sidebars (can be used in body of text or as sidebars)
Section 4: Side Bars Section 5: References, Resources & Supplies
Section 6: The Law
Section 7: Safety
Section 8: Featured Infusions (with cocktails & sidebars)
Section 9: Mixologist Q&A
Section 10: Quotations
Section 11: Glossary

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