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Cantina - 5 Day Chardonnay

These wine kits are based on recently developed superfast wine yeasts, and produce a quality wine in just 5 days. Only the best Chardonnay juices are used, and the result is a wine in a class of its own - a wine with the nose and bouquet of the originalChardonnay varietal grape.

Makes 21 litres of wine. No need to add extra sugar.

Wine Kit Types
Grape Variety (Style)Chardonnay
Sugar NeededNo
4 ( 4 / 5 )
Who would believe you can make wine in five days – but it\'s true, it does improve with age but is perfectly drinkable on the sixth day A reasonable wine, as it’s so quick maybe it deserves 5 stars - for the money it’s a steal.

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