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Youngs Strawberry Wine

The Youngs Country Wine kits contain 900g of grape juice that is fermented in the usual way. After the fermentation has finished a flavour pack is added to the wine to provide the fruit taste. This is a great way of making a fruit wine as it ensures that the fresh and refreshing taste of the fruit is maintained in the finished product.

This kit makes 6 bottles of strawberry wine without all of the fuss of picking and pressing.

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Sugar NeededYes
5 ( 5 / 5 )
Superb, I got 2 of these kits with 2 bags dextrose and gave it an added twist!I added 6 punnets of juiced strawberries (ask at counter for secret ingredient which is needed to clear the wine) in the mixing process, it took around 14 days before fermentation finished so a bit longer depending upon temperature, then added 100g white sugar to sweeten, siphoned into holding vessel for a further 2 weeks before bottling.Cracked open one which was chilled and really really impressed with taste and just one glass hit the spot! Hic Hic
5 ( 5 / 5 )
simple to make and smells fantastic, tell you in a year what its like

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