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Woodfordes Sundew Beer Kit

The long awaited Woodfordes Sundew beer kit is here. This is the replacement for the old Great Eastern kit and makes40 pints of 4.2% (ABV) wonderful golden ale.

Beer Kit Types
Amount of Malt ( flavour )3 kg
Pints Produced40
Sugar NeededNo
5 ( 5 / 5 )
This kit is without a doubt utterly fantastic.This was the 1st kit I made and I'm glad.I made this using bottled Scottish Caledonian mineral water from Sainsburys instead of normal tap water I was a bit worried about tap water chlorine etc.I left it in primary FV for 2wks instead of 1wk.I then bottled it into old cleaned sterilised bulmers brown pint bottles with 2 coopers carbonation drops in each bottle,then capped bottles.2 WKS after bottling It tasted quite nice I was pleased.Then 4 WKS after bottling I tried one,opened it a pleasant hiss,poured into pint glass,lovely bubbles rising up and perfect head.It looked like a pub pint,then I tasted it and it was absolutely stunning,excellent like heaven.Also my friends and family agreed that it was one of the best pints they had tasted.I will definitely get this kit again I have just made a wherry kit and 1st tasting is also excellent.

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